Meet Katelyn

Experienced Editor ◊ Creative Copywriter ◊ SEO Specialist ◊ Published Ghostwriter ◊ Grant Organizer ◊ Curriculum Designer ◊ And More! 

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Everyone has a story to tell! I am privileged to share my editorial expertise in helping others craft the best version of themselves and/or their business through the art of storytelling. I have a proven track record of amplifying webpages with creative search engine optimization; increased customer count by maintaining monthly newsletters and blog articles; ghosted best-selling novels and interactive education curriculums; organized grant applications; and so much more!

Since becoming an editorial service provider, I have returned back to school as a Professional Writing major at Missouri State University. Go Bears! It became very important to me that I show dedication to bettering myself in order to provide the best work for my clients. Now in my final semester, I am eager to grow my name in the literary field.

As I continue to build my working portfolio, I have been volunteering with iN Education, Inc. as an editor and creative content writer. My daily responsibilities vary between editing the quarterly published e-magazine, Zealousness; writing interactive curriculums for the Scholoolza Career and Technical Training program; organizing grant applications along with researching non-profit financial support programs; and promoting year-long fundraising activities to sponsor the annual Battle of the Teal-4EDU showcase.

My passion for storytelling is driven by my love of adventure. I complete my professional and scholarly projects from my home office which just so happens to be inside our fifth-wheel camper. My husband’s career requires us to travel all over the country. This adventurous lifestyle sure has come with unbelievable experiences that have influenced my writing style in so many positive ways. I am constantly looking for new experiences that will influence my inner voice and appeal to generations around the world.

                    “Traveling. It leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller.”                  -Ibn Battuta

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